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Empowering 2000 Pupils Towards Rail Safety, Careers, and Sustainable Travel


Over the course of the last three months Catherine, our Eastern Region Education Officer, has engaged with over 2000 pupils from Reception to Year 13 in rail safety, rail careers, and sustainable travel, all supported by Northern.

She has shared important information, ensuring that every child understands the importance of staying safe around rail tracks and platforms. Her engaging approach has ensured they are cautious yet confident young individuals around our railways.

Catherine has also attended careers talks and fairs, showcasing the diverse opportunities within the railway industry. Each student is encouraged to explore the endless possibilities, from engineering to customer service, signalling to management.

Equipped with knowledge about eco-friendly transportation alternatives, students are encouraged to step away from conventional modes of travel to embrace greener options. Catherine’s workshops have inspired a sense of responsibility, ensuring that the next generation contributes positively to a sustainable planet.

She has also organised trips, where pupils get first hand experiences across Northern’s Eastern region. By fostering a direct connection with the railway industry and sustainable travel, Catherine has enabled the pupils to use their rail knowledge in exciting environments.

Catherine also leads on our Try The Train project supported by Northern. This is a confidence building programme aimed at anyone one who finds it difficult to use the train at the moment from the age of 14. Through the programme there are 4 workshops and 3 rail experiences which will enable the participants to increase their confidence to travel by train independently.

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