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Over the past few months DanceSyndrome have been working with a wonderful group of young people to develop a new dance piece inspired by the railways. With the support of professional dancers the group has been exploring the movements that the train and its passengers make and are now looking forward to showcasing their final piece very soon to friends and family.

This week the group took a step back from the dancing and headed off to Preston on the train to learn about the history and future of the station and railways. We were met by Dhani, who works for Avanti West Coast, who had come into work specially to show us around and share her knowledge and experience. As well as the important World War I history, we learnt about how trains are made, run and the drive to make all trains better for our environment. Lunch was a great chance to warm up in the community hub with hot chocolates all-round, before a quick dance on the platform and heading back to Blackburn to see the new artwork.

This project has been part of a wider programme of activity and it’s been wonderful to involve this multi-award winning inclusive dance charity. As with DanceSyndrome’s mission we want our railways to include everyone, regardless of ability, and empower our communities to fully take part in society. With thanks to Blackburn Youth Zone for hosting the group in their fantastic dance studio and Department For Transport for the funds to do so


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