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TrainEd - Railway Education
TrainEd - Railway Education

Due to the spike of trespassing incidents over recent years on the train tracks between Bradford and Leeds via New Pudsey, several primary schools along the line have been learning how to stay safe around the railway with education officer Karen Bennett from Community Rail Lancashire. Over the 2021- 2022 academic year, pupils in Year Five have participated in workshops in schools and also travelled out on the railway (with travel kindly provided by Northern).

To encourage the children to take further trips on the railway and to take pride in their local station, the last part of the engagement has been to create artwork for display at stations along the line.

To coincide with the Platinum Jubilee, a celebratory, collaborative piece, Trains of the Reign, has been created by 270 year five pupils along the line.  With support from local artist, HanMade, each class has designed a train from one of the decades that Queen Elizabeth II has reigned. Every pupil in the class has drawn or coloured in a particular part of the train.  Each pupil also designed their own jubilee National Rail Double Arrow logo with some of the artist’s favourites being chosen to create the border.

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