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Try the Train is a project funded by Northern and delivered by Community Rail Lancashire (CRL). The key objective of the Try the Train programme is to enable participants to become confident, independent rail travellers.

This is achieved through a series of 3 workshops and 2 rail experiences with each journey being less facilitated by the Try The Train trainer.

Through the programme we want to help reduce anxiety so each journey made by a participant will have been planned beforehand at one of the workshop sessions. Through this they will learn how to find the information they need to plan their journey such as train times, cost, how to purchase a ticket, what to expect on the train, connections, rail safety etc prior to undertaking it. By the second workshop participants should be able to do this by themselves with the trainer there as support if they have any questions or come across something new.

We have funding to run this project until the end of March 2025. Catherine currently has three groups running and has contacted potential facilitators across the Northern region. So watch this space for more Try The Train stories.

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